Weekend In LA


Last time I was in Los Angeles was Spring Break of my sophomore year. Since then I've forgotten how beautiful it was...until I went back earlier this month. 

I fell back in love with the West Coast, and I was internally battling with myself on the last day if whether I should just stay forever. 

Spoiler alert: I didn'tUgh.

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Crap Eyewear  — Venice 

Crap Eyewear — Venice 

Claremont Mckenna College

Claremont Mckenna College


so let's talk about this

👻 Haunted hotel...wtf?!??/

hotel normandie

I talked about it on my Instagram, but here's the full story. 


I chose Hotel Normandie because it had the best price : good review ratio on Expedia, and since I booked suuper last minute, this was the best choice for the options I had. 

The lobby is super cute and eclectic, but once I went upstairs to where the rooms were I was tiny bit creeped out. The hallways are long and seemingly never-ending. I kept imagining scenes from The Shining, and expecting those twins in blue dresses to pop out any second. 

I told myself I was being stupid.

But, once I got in to my room I STILL felt eery. 

The photos don't do it justice. The room was decently sized, but it just felt off. Keep in mind I had no prior knowledge of this hotel, and only know what the reviews have said, which were mostly positive. 


I settled in and showered, called my boyfriend and told him "this room is creepy AF." Hung up, and started googling for places to eat around the hotel. 



Stoooooooop omg. I know. 

I am the WORST when it comes to scary things. I used to watch horror movies for fun, but the result to that is being able to picture vivid scenes from all of them in ANY situation I am in. 

So, when I saw that suggested search, I didn't think twice and shut. that. browser. DOWN. 

No way was I giving myself the chance to read up on the history of this place, because I would not sleep that night if I did. 

Not only until I checked out the next day and safely in my friends car driving away did I look this hotel up. 

In an article titled "6 Most Haunted Hotels in Los Angeles ": 

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 2.44.15 PM.png

Hahahahhah fml. 

Don't stay here if you're a scaredy cat like me. And please do your research when finding hotels. 

If you don't mind feeling weird at your hotel, I still recommend this place cause it's cheap and has good service, sooo your fate is up to you!

and now, back to your regular programming...

Mansur Gavriel  store on Melrose Place

Mansur Gavriel store on Melrose Place

Alex checkin' out the boys in the yard. Lol I'm joking, it's an all girls school!!

Alex checkin' out the boys in the yard. Lol I'm joking, it's an all girls school!!

On my last day, Chloe took me to her favorite spot. Don't ask me where these photos are from— I won't tell you. I'm serious. You'll have to ask her! 


I'm not joking when I say that I could see myself living here down the line. Being able to get out and drive to the city, beach, park, mountain, and desert all in one day is a total dream. 

Beats Boston for sure. 


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