Mess-ups Before LA

Oh goodness...we had the most hectic morning before our flight to Los Angeles. 

Wait, I mean our *second* flight to Los Angeles. Cause guess what? We missed our first one. 

I don't even know how we managed to mix up the times of our flight, but we did. Instead of making our 9am flight, we woke up at 9 thinking we were catching a flight at 11. Milan Sai ran out of the bathroom to tell me the news while I was still rolling in bed.

My mind went from "WE CAN MAKE IT" to "okay, no we can't" to "this is the funniest thing in the entire world". I guess Milan Sai was on the same train of thought since we started laughing harder than I've ever laughed when we paused to look at each other.  

In true Milansai and Minnie fashion, we decided we needed to brunch it out before deciding anything drastic. So, in hopes of clearing our mind and getting us back on track to being responsible travellers, we went downstairs for some fresh orange juice and Eggs Benedict. 

I think the food worked! We owe it to Town's End. It was definitely their amazing orange juice that did the trick. 

After eating, we picked up our things and quickly rushed to the airport to figure out our flights. Praise Delta Airlines for making it extremely easy for us to switch flights! I don't know what we would do if we were with a different airline. They waived our fee for switching flight times, and let us on one leaving in the next hour! GO DELTA!!

After a stressful morning, we finally made it to Los Angeles!

Leaving our baggage at the hotel, we Ubered straight to Santa Monica Pier with no time to waste. 

It was a bit chillier than we predicted...which was disappointing since it was supposed to be a lot warmer than San Francisco! It was around the 16 degree mark all evening. 

Despite the goosebumps everywhere on my body telling me to leave, we went on the rides on the pier!

The only proper restaurant we found near us was a Mexican place called Mariasol and to be honest it wasn't that great...

It looked delicious, but that didn't transfer to the food. Oh well. 

We went back to our hotel soon after to rest up for the full day we had planned the next day! 

First day (er.. half-day) in LA done and dusted and we were excited for the rest of the week. 

*hint* The day after was planned for tons of rides, the Simpsons, and so many churros.