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It's been a busy and exciting month and a half! Follow my Instagram stories for the latest updates on my ongoing project.

Here are some things I loved since the last Brain Food


for those looking to build something awesome - understanding your customer 

Airbnb's Brian Chesky in Handcrafted

I love Brian Chesky's story and although I've heard multiple variations of it, this episode of Master of Scale was still entertaining and educational. Chesky talks about how he handcrafted Airbnb specifically for his customers, with key points making it the success that it is today. 


“So your users are in New York, and you’re still in Mountain View?”


“What are you still doing here?”


food, passion, cursing, and a fuckload of hard work  

42 Grams

Candid and unfiltered look into the grueling journey of Jake Bickelhaupt and his wife Alexa while they fight to receive Two Michelin-star status in 2 years. It's grim, it's inspiring — you watch the couple in love, fight, throw things, and get to see how the restaurant develops in the process. Saw this on the way back from LA to Boston. 


“Try. That’s all you need. Just fucking try, man.

Do your best. That’s it. That makes a ‘chef’.”


for those who love a good story

Battle Of The Sexes (2013)

You are probably familiar with the movie starring Emma Stone and Steve Carrel: Battle Of The Sexes (2017). It's based on the TRUE STORY of Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. I watched both the 2013 documentary and the 2017 movie adaptation. I loved both, but prefer the documentary because it's 100% real with commentary by Billie Jean King herself.

I watched the documentary on the plane (it seems I get the best content on planes LOL), and found myself gripping my knees while the story unfolded. SO SO good. It didn't even feel like a documentary. Go watch now!!


"I am a tennis player who happens to be a man,

who says that he can beat any woman on the planet.

Think of the publicity that we’d get. Think of the money."


tribute to stephen hawking 

Hawking Radiates Forever

As someone who rarely dabbles into the science, physics, and chemistry realm, I knew of Stephen Hawking in a "oh yeah, he's a genius" kind of way. Learning of his passing compelled me, and most-likely many others, to learn more about who he was. This article was a touching and personal tribute to the late Stephen Hawking. 


"Imagine writing a 500-word blog post with your nose or your chin."




Found on The Independent Photo Instagram - "invisible swimsuit" by Vera Aydınbaş

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