I spent my Thanksgiving weekend with my favorite person on earth, eating some of the best food in America, and touring one of the most unique cities in the world.

Forgive me for posting this a couple days late...


I’m thankful for transitions. In school, in life, in seasons, in ways of thinking— anything. Transition means things are always changing. It reminds me to be present, always.

I’m thankful for my support system— my family, my boyfriend, my friends. They’re the people who give me the best advice, the people who aren’t scared to put me in my place when I’m out of line, the people who are just a blast to be around, and the people who motivate me to be more than I was the day before. I’m so thankful for these people.

I’m thankful for dim sum, sushi, churros, creme brulee, homemade soup, kiwis, congee, gumbo, fried chicken, corndogs, ramen, waffles, and all the food this world comes with because it’s SO FUCKING GOOD. I mean seriously, come. on. 

I’m thankful for all the resources we have in this day and age to learn new skills just by watching YouTube tutorials or a simple Google search. 

I’m thankful for creative people who make cool shit that other people (including me) can feel inspired by. 

I’m thankful for the bad days, as shitty as they are. The days spent wallowing in self-doubt, lack of drive, and feeling behind are entirely worth it. Because when you somehow manage to get over that slump, you become even more motivated to move forward. 

What are you grateful for?