Turkey Day in NOLA

I dreamt of going to New Orleans for more than a year—and it finally happened. 

While most of my friends flew home for the weekend, or partied in NYC, my boyfriend and I headed down South!

*Tip* To prepare for our mini vacation, my wonderful friend Chris recommended we watch the Princess and the Frog to get us excited for Louisiana, and it sure did! If you're on the fence about visiting, please do the same. 

We stayed at the Hotel Indigo, located in the Garden District, and a tram ride or 10 minute Uber ride from the busy French Quarters. 

We got a sweet flight and hotel bundle through Expedia, and we were really impressed! 

The first night there was Thanksgiving Day, which meant most restaurants were closed or fully reserved weeks beforehand. BUT, we managed to get a last minute reservation at Cavan, a converted historic mansion in our area. The only thing was it was at 9:45pm...Zzz. 

After settling in the hotel at around 6:30, we walked around the neighborhood, feeling a bit creeped out because the streets were completely empty. Being that we were in the Garden District, the old, haunted mansion-esque buildings did not help.

We ended up at a local dive bar, and somehow resided there for 3 hours. 

Finally, we made it to the restaurant, hungry af, and ready to gobble gobble gobble (sorry that was so weird, I even made a face typing it LOL)!

The interior was beautiful! 

Cavan was offering a set menu for turkey day. So us being us, we got one of each dish option in the set. It was our first taste of authentic Cajun spices, and we loved it.

cavanArtboard 2.jpg

I'm usually meh about turkey, but let me tell you, this was some well-seasoned turkey. The ham was also incredible. It was so caramelized and tender, the meat fell off the bone with minimal effort.

What a way to kick off our 3 day visit!