Fuck it, and go

The other night I was home with my boyfriend, listening to songs, and putting together a 1000 piece puzzle that came over the weekend. It was great. It was a Monday night, and Kevin was getting ready to make a nice Gyu-Don rice dinner. We were right on schedule to be in bed by 10:45pm, where we would browse Youtube for 45 minutes before sleeping. To us, sleep is indeed not for the weak, but is necessary for us if we wanted to take on a work day without wanting to nap. Kevin started getting busy in the kitchen when I scrolled through my Spotify app. This is when I saw something that jumped out to me.

“Babe, what’s the date today?”


“Oh my god, it’s tonight”


“Angus & Julia Stone are playing tonight!”


I saw them live when I studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia, and they put on a great show. They play the type of music you would put on when watching a sunset next to the water — calming and touches your heart a bit.

I started playing a song by their opener that night, Luke Sital-Singh. I had no idea who he was, but damn was his voice strong and intense. I had to go see this concert.

The problem was 1. we didn’t have tickets, and 2. it was 7:35pm and the concert starts at 8:00pm. Not only that, but we would probably be home late, messing up the cozy and easy night in we had planned.

“Can we go pleaaaaase?” I asked.

“But I just put the rice in”

“We can save it for tomorrow!”

“What do we eat then?”


After a couple more minutes of questioning ourselves and bringing up all the inconveniences, we decided to fuck it and just go.

That night turned out to be a wonderful night.


Not only did we get cheaper tickets, I got lucky and scored free drinks at the bar (ahem, a cup of water and ginger ale). 

That night was a reminder that sometimes you just have to fuck it and go. To embrace spontaneity with open arms, especially when the concert is only two blocks away… 😉