Be Right Back

You know that feeling you get when you leave a place after a decent amount time, even if you say you hate it, and the weather, and the slowness of the city (lol i'm projecting)? Even if you're leaving the place to go "home"? The feeling when you're like "crap I'm glad to be leaving for a bit, but why am I sad"? 

That's what I'm feeling. 

My friends who have graduated feel this, and I know it. I'm only taking a break for the summer, but it's all the same.

People influence us so much, and the people we meet and spend time with are what makes our experiences so great. The people are also what gives you the confidence to remain somewhere even when you dislike it terribly. 

Boston, I really don't like you, but I'm sad to leave you. Cause I mean, I cannot deny you're gorgeous in the summer 😍. 

[To my roomie and lover] Stay pretty for me till I get back, take care of my parsley plant, don't burn down the house, remember to cook once in a while and not just eat out!! 

Love you,