Brain Food_04

It's June!!! I love June because it means it's summer, and summer is my favorite season by far. I'm currently in Hong Kong, and I took the last couple days to rest up and get used to being home. I posted about the adjustment on my Instagram the other day...

 Anyways! No more about me. Here are the gems I discovered last month that I'm excited to share. As always, use these resources, take them in, learn, reflect, and let me know if you ever want to talk about them! 


three generations of women at one table

red table talks: growing up smith (ft. jaden and willow smith)

This is a web series by Jada Pinkett Smith (wife of Will Smith), which she films with her daughter Willow Smith, and Adrienne Norris (grandmother). They just sit around a table in their house and talk about really interesting and important topics every week. It's wonderful to hear women from three different generations sit and talk about issues that we all face. The one I linked is one of my favorites from the new version of the series, and Jaden Smith joins them!! I watched the first version of this series maybe 6 years ago...? And I fell in love with it. Which is why I'm so happy that Jada decided to bring it back! I've been OBSESSED with the Smith family for years, and it's such a treat to hear their thoughts uninterrupted every episode. 


"The level of self confidence you have is amazing,

and to me,

that's the best gift your mom and dad gave you."



relationships, love, and juggling life with work  

couples therapy with casey neistat and candace pool

I don't have a specific episode to recommend...I guess if I were you I would just start from the beginning? Hahah. I've been following Casey Neistat for a long while, and if you don't know who he is then I don't think you belong on the internet. He recently started a podcast with his wife Candace, who is an incredibly successful business-owner of a jewelry and fashion brand (two separate companies). I always loved their dynamic whenever they were both (and it was rare) in Casey's vlogs together, which is why I was excited when they started sharing these sessions! They're hilarious, sarcastic, funny, and have a lot of advice to share when it comes to relationships, fighting, and work. Super awesome podcast for commutes! 


"'...We had a very challenging week as a couple.'

'My week was great! What was the challenging part?'

'—are you ACTING right now?

Or do you wana talk about what happened.'"

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

taken by Ryan @ryshorosky


Learn from someone who has only a few years left to live

meet claire, finding beauty in sadness

Claire is 21, has had Cystic Fibrosis her entire life, and knows what it feels like to die. Like, she literally died and was brought back to life. What struck me the most about her story though, is her attitude and her grace throughout all these challenges. I'm the same age as her, and she deals with her chronic health problems with more wisdom than how I deal with the most insignificant problems in my life. 

I'd say do yourself a favor and check out how cool this girl is and how smart she is. Just take 20 minutes of your life and let her words impact you.


"We're not going to go out there for happiness.

We're alive, and that's all we need.

We are beating the system,

and living lives we're proud of,

and living lives that make us happy."

Outside Casa Vicens

taken by Clemente @clementevb


learn what it means to do good, purposeful work

end malaria by michael bungay stanier

This is a collection of short essays of advice from 62 successful thought-leaders, business-owners, and important people. It has nothing to do with malaria other than all the proceeds going to fund malaria prevention in Africa (which is insanely awesome). The essays range from topics like productivity, how to successfully manage a happy team, and what it means to find purpose. And as you all should know by now, anything to do with these three topics has my attention.

I downloaded this randomly because I have Kindle unlimited, which let's me download as many books I want for free. I love this book because each essay is pretty short, so you can easily just read one a night before bed. If you're a reader and looking for some inspiration and valuable knowledge, pick this up! It also doesn't hurt that it's for a good cause. 


"It's the opportunity that you see, that you take,

that you carve out for yourself,

and what you go out and get.

You're allowed to be anything you wanna be..." 

on replay this month: 

This Brain Food is definitly wordier than the previous, let me know if the extra explanation was more helpful! Happy beginning of summer, lovelies. 

From one millennial to another,