Help! Hide the Gumbo.

I wish I could say I explored new restaurants my second time in New Orleans, but we mostly visited the places we ate the first time. But hey, that's only because we just loved them so much we had to go back and get some more. 

We started off an Acme Oyster House, which is where we became obsessed with charbroiled oysters last Thanksgiving. This time we had an extra stomach to stuff. πŸ˜ˆ 

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We got the chargrilled oysters again!

To recap, the seafood gumbo is INSANELY good, while the andouille sausage gumbo was alright but didn't stand out. 

Acme had a soft-shell crab special that day, which of course we had to try. It came along with the shrimp and fried fish platter, and omfg MOUTHWATERING. Everything on that plate was so good. Crisp on the outside and the fish just melts in your mouth. 

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Okay, before you scroll more, read my post dedicated to Commanders Palace. I love this place. It's like Disneyland for food. It's so beautiful and the atmosphere is one of its kind. 

This time we had Kevin's birthday to celebrate, so it was even more of a special occasion. 

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We regretted not getting the tasting menu during our last visit so we made sure to get on that this time...

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Unrelated to food, but they also had feminine products in their bathroom for the taking. Any girl can appreciate the degree of thoughtfulness that came with setting this up. ☺️ Now if only every restaurant can do this...? You know, for all the future emergecies lol.  


After dinner we roamed Bourbon street and stopped for some post-dinner beignets at Musical Legends Park.


I recommend this Cafe Beignet location if you want to chill out for a bit, listen to live music, and eat some sugary sugary beignets. 

I still haven't visited Cafe Du Monde next to Jackson Square. Every time we walked past it the line didn't look worth it. Maybe next time?

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The next day we headed to Cajun Seafood, which was a short walk from our Airbnb. This was one of the few fresh finds on the trip, and it's faaamous for its fresh broiled extra-cajun-seasoned seafood. 

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We ate SO much.

If you're not scared to get down and dirty with cracking, peeling, and de-shelling for your food, come here.

Surprisingly, they had seafood penne on the menu (IK right, odd). We snuck peeks at what the locals were eating on our way in, and they all surprisingly had a carton of this pasta on their table. We tried it and oh my lord, even after being filled to the brim with shellfish, I still managed to clear out the carton. 


Our nights were usually spent jazz bar hopping and listening to live music...accompanied by some bead throwing πŸ˜‰.

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Hopefully I was able to convince some of you to visit this incredible city. I promise you'll leave with an extra large belly and a ton of unforgettable memories. 

Till next time!