The Streets Of New Orleans

We did it again! We went back to New Orleans. ☺️

I know, I know. Like many of the messages I got while on the trip saying, "wait, didn't you just go?" You're right. We did go to New Orleans less than a year ago. But, we loved it so much that we decided to celebrate Kevin's birthday there this year, and bring our friends with us!

If you were following my insta stories, you would know that our way to NOLA this time around was a trek. Spirit Airlines ended up cancelling our flight, which forced us to finesse a back-up plan that ended up placing us in Charlotte for a night, and in the hands of American Airlines

Thankfully, American Airlines took care of all the hotel fees and next day flight free of charge. PRaaaaise the lord for good customer service. 


Despite the big hiccup on the way to New Orleans, once we got there everything went perfectly.

We stayed at an Airbnb, perfect for 6 people on a budget. I'll link it right here. It's also very near the French Quarters and Frenchmen Street without being directly in the area. I wouldn't suggest anyone to stay directly in the French Quarters unless you're okay with not sleeping at night (it's loud allll night) and be welcomed by crowds every time you leave the hotel.  

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I'm still not entirely sure what was going on the weekend we were there, but there were tons of military and navy sailors celebrating everywhere. I looked it up and it said it was US Navy Week? They definitely gave Bourbon Street a different feel! 


Another thing I love about New Orleans is that there is music everywhere you turn. If you're visiting, make sure to take your time strolling down Royal Street to see all the street performers and cute shops. 

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After our last visit to NOLA, we knew we were going to return to Commander's Palace this time around. We hyped up the famous restaurant and made all our friends watch Commanding the Table before we left for NOLA.

It's safe to say they were all excited for the event just as much as we were. 

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Look how handsome they all were!!! 


The brains behind Shiremankau, everyone.  

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So you would think that I would be the one asking for photos at this lookout to Jackson Square, but no. I have hundreds of photos of the boys and I came out with less than five. 😂

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After the photo session, we went to get more grenades. One thing about this city is that there is no open container policy for alcohol, so you'll probably see people holding large pints of beer, daiquiri's or...hand grenades.

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The boys seemed to love their grenades the most LOL. It's basically a super sweet concoction mixed with a ton of alcohol. It's dangerous because it tastes so good you just keep drinking and drinking until you realize, oops, maybe you drank a little too much. 


I have been recommending New Orleans to all my friends ever since our first visit, and nothing has changed now that we've been twice. This trip was less about sightseeing and more about celebrating Kevin's birthday, but both trips were just as fun.

Feel free to message me if you have any other questions and want more recommendations! 

I'll be posting another entry dedicated just to the food we ate on this trip, because let's face it, it deserves it's own post. 😜🍴

Love from one millennial to another,