Hot Mom

My mom sent me some old photos of her over the weekend that made me freaaak out. 

Kevin had to look twice when I showed him these photos cause he said that she looked almost identical to me. 

momminniemizedArtboard 2.jpg

She was THE biggest party animal when she was younger, but never wants to admit it. Although, sometimes she can't help but share her stories of not sleeping for 48 hours in order to fit in the disco between her work shifts. 

The ... DISCO!!! 


I would pay a lot of money to see footage of that. 

twentyonemomArtboard 3.jpg
momartboardsArtboard 4.jpg

Like...come ONNN. She was (and still is) so effortlessly cool.  

Also, it's so adorable to know that she loved Minnie even before she knew she would have me! 


I often forget that she actually had a life before But, it's fun to see photos of her taken at the same age as I am now. It really helps me appreciate her life and who she is now— the most hardworking and go-getting mom and businesswoman.  

LOVE YOU MOMMY! Thank you for sharing this part of you with me <3