The Brunch Before The Storm

Sunday brunch is always a good idea. Even when a blizzard is about to hit. 

Having not seen my lovely friend Corey for about a week, we thought the best way to catch up was through eating some good breakfast food. 

It was a beautiful day outside, just a day before our first snow storm was supposed to hit. We both stocked up on food the day before just in case we were to be snowed in. Not even the threat of a huge blizzard could keep us from brunch though!

A mere 20 minute walk from our dorms, we ended up finding Five Hourses Tavern on Columbus Avenue. I found out about this place from friends who couldn't recommend it enough. 

The menu is small but is filled with so many delicious sounding dishes. Sadly, the Egg Benedict was sold out (which was what I was really craving) as well as the pancakes. We should've known since it was already close to 1 in the afternoon. BUT, Corey and I decided to order the next best things and share them all. 

We waited for our food with the clear and sunny weather right outside the window. 

We ordered the potato and avocado tacos, the chimichanga tortilla, and a big fat cinnamon roll for dessert. 

Everything was delicious, but the cinnamon roll was definitely MVP of the meal. 

Stuffed after clearing all the plates, we laughed about how this definitely beat dining hall lunches. The bill came out pretty decent as well! For those on a college kid budget and brunch is one of your favorite things, I strongly recommend this cute and cozy restaurant. 

The wind picked up as we walked back, which added to the freezing cold. Funny how I rejoice when I see 2 degrees celcius on my weather app. I don't know if it's sad or good that I've come to terms with the extreme weather. The next couple days consisted of a lot of movie watching, playing in the snow, and drinking hot chocolate due to storm Juno. 

Thank goodness this lunch kept me going for the next couple days.