Tatte Reunion

I went to the cutest little cafe for brunch and reunited with more of my favorite people from Hong Kong. 

The snow was starting to pick-up before the blizzard so the ride to the cafe was beautiful. The Charles river was covered in ice and snow, making the view entirely white. 

I Ubered with Vivian to meet up with our other two friends. We were a bit skeptical about the cafe, Tatte. After googling it, we thought we would be eating bread for lunch in a tiny bakery. 

Well, it was tiny. There were only a couple tables, so most customers had to result to take-out. But, the food looked and tasted beyond what I expected. 

There were pastries and cakes being sold along the walls. 

I haven't seen these cuties in a while! 

We got up one-by-one to order at the counter after studying the menu for almost ten minutes. 

Our stomachs were all growling since it was pretty late when we arrived. 

Most of us ordered the mint lemonade which got us through waiting for our food! Despite the cold weather, the lemonade was perfect. 

Our food finally came and we struggled to get it to all fit on the table. I told you the place is tiny! 

My friends made fun of me because the zucchini and potato soup did not look as appetising as their plates. I have to admit I regret not getting the North African tomato dish Ashley ordered...but the soup was still good!

I wanted to try their avocado and soft-egg tartine at first, but that's only served for breakfast. Merp. I'll save that for next time!

I spent the rest of the day with Ashley and a few of my other friends from Hong Kong. I can't even begin to express my happiness that more than one of my best friends are studying in the same city as me. It's always a good time when there's HK kids near. 

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