Isabella Stewart Garner Museum

The skies have shined blue the past week, but the cold doesn't seem like it will go away anytime soon. I've adapted and took the time to pick up a skill though! The ultimate hermit skill of staying indoors. This time, my friend Victoria and I chose to visit a little hidden gem of a museum. 

After seeing a beautiful interior photo of the Isabella Stewart Garner Museum on my Instagram feed, I knew I had to see it in person. The walk to the museum was no doubt brutal, but what we found inside of the museum building made up for it ten times over. 

The garden at the center set the mood of the entire museum. It was incredibly tranquil, calm, and comfortably quiet, with poets and photographers carefully positioned on the benches around the middle. 

First time seeing green leaves and wild flowers in the longest time! I forgot how vibrant and colorful it is. 

Sadly, we were only allowed to snap photos on the first floor. Being ones who seek out photo opportunities and good lighting subconsciously, Victoria and I struggled hard being refrained from using our cameras on the higher floors.

Still, even if we weren't able to capture them, the art and decoration on the upper floors were really interesting. Old furniture and antiques filled the room while large quilted rugs lined the walls and countertops. 

Alas, I couldn't resist to take stealth photos on the way down to the garden level. 

The atmosphere inside flushed out all the stress and annoyance from school and the weather conditions. It was just good vibes all 'round. It's a great place to escape to if you ever feel overwhelmed cause it completely clears your mind. 

The photos of me were taken and edited by my photographer friend, Victoria. She works total magic with her camera as you can tell from the images above. Her Instagram game is pretty on point as well so check her out here! Tell her I sent ya. 

One museum down! I still have to visit the MFA down the street which I've heard so much about already. Look out for a photo of the iconic neon blue lights very very soon. I'm going to need to find places to shield from the daily blizzards anyways.