BRB Boston

I never really understood what spring break was, and why school's give us a week off in the month of March. The concept was weird to me even in High School, but I'm not complaining! I'd take any chance to get out of the cold...which is how I ended up spending an amazing 10 days in my favorite state (sorry, Massachusetts), California!

Dragging along (kidding, she was just as excited as I was) one of my closest friends I met the past semester, Milan Sai, we jetted off to San Francisco right after our last class. 

Funny story? We almost missed our flight by two minutes.


Thankfully, we were able to bypass security lines due to the nice (and some aggressive) passengers who let us through before them, and made it right as the gate was closing. 

Landing in San Francisco after a long transfer in Cincinnati, we stripped off all our thick winter layers and enjoyed the Bay Area breeze. 

That night, we visited a really interesting restaurant called Mozzeria before heading to a party.

We were seated and handed menus like in any other restaurant. In fact, everything seemed normal until we noticed that none of the waiters were able to understand or hear us.

At this point we were really really confused. It was only when our waiter came by to take our order was when we finally understood what was going on. With hand gestures and communication through a notepad, we came to realise that everyone working at the restaurant is deaf. 

WHAT?! How awesome right? I've never experienced anything like it. I don't think I've even met anyone who was deaf my entire life, and here I was surrounded by all these deaf people who do a fantastic job running this italian restaurant. 

I ordered the pizza with the Peking Duck since I haven't seen it anywhere but Pizza Express back in Hong Kong. It was obviously different, but still really good. 

After dins we went to the cutest party venue for a birthday party.

I'm not really sure where this was... since I wasn't paying much attention and Uber was our best friend for the night, but it's a cute flower shop the birthday girl rented for the night. Super intimate and so gorgeous! 

We ended the night with cake pops and tons of dancing. First night of Spring Break was already a good one! 

Also, I apologize for the poor iPhone quality in this post. I didn't want to lug my camera around for the night. Real pics in my next post, I promise.