Bioarchitect Opening

My mom has always worked closely with Bioarchitect, a beauty company that owns facial/skin care salons around Hong Kong. I accompanied her to the opening of one of their newest locations. 

It's somewhat of a tradition or etiquette for companies to send these flower structures to shops that are newly opening. They're usually all big, bright, and very pretty.

I haven't been to an opening in quite a while, but the layout of it is usually quite similar. There are announcements of the company's new technologies or innovations and are followed by the ribbon cutting. 

On occasion, if it is a Chinese based company, traditional ways of "blessing" the new shop will be carried out. This time, a lion dance was performed. These lion dances are believed to help ward out any bad spirits or unlucky vibes.  

Of course, the press was there to cover the big event!

It tends to get a bit loud during the lion dances since it is performed with large symbols and Chinese drums.

My little cousin was with us and he wasn't too fond of the loud noise.

At least he was able to roam around the venue. He's much more out there than I am...judging by his willingness to be carried by anyone and everyone. 

Hah! Except for me. He doesn't look like he's too fond of my hugs. 

It was a pretty long event. There was a sort of a panel discussion lead by my mom after all the formalities. 

It was really cool supporting a company that my mom has worked and talked about for as long as I can remember. It was also really fun watching her do her thing! 

After the event we walked down to the mall and shopped around. 

I found a really cute looking bench that needed to be sat I did. 

It was a really eventful and fun day! I haven't been able to see my mom work in a long time, so I'm glad this event gave me a chance to. 

I hit up Mcd's for some unhealthy, perfectly flavoured fatty soft-serve ice cream to end the day. No regrets, okay? 

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