Last Supper At Gaddis

My last night in Hong Kong was extremely bittersweet. I was excited to finally start my next chapter of college in Boston, but was also seriously dreading saying good-bye to my favorite city and favorite people. For my last meal in Hong Kong in the next five or so months, my mom, brother and I went all-out. Gaddis was the perfect ending to an amazing winter break. 

Knowing that I would be missing some quality dining when I am abroad, my mom secretly reserved a table at one of the most formal restaurants in town a few weeks prior. Gaddis, although not a Michelin restaurant, is a largely famous fine-dining restaurant located inside the Peninsula Hotel. It is a requirement for men to have on suit jackets and women to be dressed smart as well. When my Mom surprised me on my last day, I was so excited for a night of gorgeously made french cuisine. 

The setting was super grand, with chandeliers and candle settings across the room. 

In order to try the tasting menu, all of us had to order it. We couldn't do that due to taste and dietary reasons so we resulted to ordering a-la-carte. 

I wanted the fois gras to start, soup, and the sea bass for my main.

As you can tell from our faces, our main course was pretty yum. My brother got the lamb and from the way he finished his plate, it was really good. 

It was finally time for dessert! We watched different tables from across the room order crepes. How did we know they all ordered the same thing? Because the crepes were made right in front of them. And then it was our turn... 

I'm not into super sweet desserts so this crepe was perfect. The sauce and caramel wasn't over sweetened which was really nice. 

My sweet Mom arranged a personalized dessert which was so cute!! 

After devouring all the food (in the most mannered way possible, obvs), we had a lengthly session of photo-taking accompanied by jokes and laughs about how adorable my brother looked in his new suit jacket. 

"LARRY!!! Comeeee!" 


My brother, everyone. Ugggh he's so cool. The swag meter went off the charts. 

So glad I got to spend my last night with the two mains in my life. We have a blast whenever we're together, so not seeing them for a long period of time will be very difficult. Definitely going to miss them the most. 

See you on the other side of the world on my next post! ;)