The Phantom Of The Opera

My family and I are very into musicals. Cats, Wicked, Chicago, Singing In The Rain...we've seen them all and more. Which is why once I heard that The Phantom Of The Opera was in town we reserved tickets to watch it as soon as possible. 

Even if you aren't much of a sit down and listen to three hours of singing kind of person, the experience should at least be lived once. Everything about live musicals intrigues me—the music, the set, the actors, and most importantly the mood the theatre gives off . 

We stopped for a Chinese dinner at the Marriott Hotel before.

Weirdly, the show played at the AsiaWorld Expo, which is a super large concert hall that is usually reserved for music bands. Never for musicals...

My brother and I were worried once we walked into the hall, thinking that the sound quality and atmosphere would be totally affected because of the large space. 

Although the venue wasn't as small as what we're used to, they still managed to create an intimate setting. The lights and sound system of the concert arena made the music even more intense and captivating. It was so good!! 

It's so cool that different theatres give you experiences unlike others. Just the cast and director alone can change how the story plays out. My dad, who came with us, said that the other times he watched Phantom were never as emotional. That's what I love about theatre. You never get bored since you get different feels every time. 

We all agreed that we would watch it again and again and still not be tired of it.