World's End Reservation Weekend

Last weekend my friend came down to Boston to visit me. We drove around the outskirts of the city, got food, hiked a bit, went to a museum, and then ate some more. 

We started the day at Pavement, a super cozy cafe really near my dorm. A friend at school introduced me to the cafe a couple weeks ago and I've been wanting to go back since.

I like this place because of it's spaciousness. I've been to the Pavement on Newbury and that one is a bit more cramped. The one here feels like somewhere I would not mind doing my work in. 

We ordered our coffee and hot chocolate. 

I don't really drink coffee, but from the looks of it the coffee lived up to the cafe's claims of being an exceptional coffeehouse. 

Then came actual breakfast! 

Hehe looks good doesn't it? My BLT hit the spot pretty well. 

While finishing up our food we looked up places to go right outside of Boston. Being used to passing the harbour everyday back in Hong Kong, I haven't noticed how much I missed seeing open space. I was ready to see some ocean already. 

We picked the town of Hingham! I honestly had no idea where that was. I just knew it was a 45 minute drive away and we were going to get to see some waaaater. 

We sure did, too. We found a gorgeous reservation which led to a super spontaneous hike (..stroll/walk?). It wasn't an intense trail, but the scenery was insane. 

We bought some clam chowder and snacks to fuel us up. 

Then came an impromptu photoshoot of some random, super unphotogenic dude. 

Kiddding. Seriously. Like...what? Modelesque to the max. 

There was a really random bench decorated with a wreath and a pillow overlooking the frozen lake. It was so cute! 

The place is called the World's End Reservation. I don't know how else I'm going to visit again without a car, but I'm so glad we stumbled across it. I've never seen anything else like this. 

We left and spent the rest of the day driving around as well as visiting the Museum Of Science. I only took one photo there and it was pretty ratch... so that one isn't going anywhere. Whoops. 

It was getting pretty late after the museum, and my friend had to drive back soon. I didn't want him to leave without hitting up Max Brenner with me. 

It was a total throwback to my visit to Max Brenner in Melbourne last semester. I didn't get to try the chocolate pizza in Australia, so that was the first thing we ordered this time! 

We ordered the Chocolate Chunks Pizza...with all the toppings they offered. 

It. Was. So. Much. 

But SO good. 

Of course, I needed some crepes so we ordered the S'mores Crepe to seal the deal. 

Trust me when I say I had trouble getting up from my seat after all of this. Holy crap it was so filling. 

I had a really fab weekend. So glad I got to see my friend while exploring more of what is outside of Boston. The food I had throughout made it even better. 

I am currently indoors, waiting for this major blizzard, Juno, to pass. I'm pretty excited since this is my first snow storm. My roommate Alexia is freaking out, and is scaring me into preparing for a possible power outage (no, Alexia). 

Seems like I'll have to wait a bit to go on any other adventures.