Welcome To -21 Degree Weather

So, the time has finally come! I am now fully moved into my college dorm and ready for my first semester in Boston. First things first though, before I do any other sight-seeing or familiarizing myself with the campus, I had to see my best friend. 

I haven't seen Megan since the summer of last year and it was about time we got to be weird together in person. She goes to school on the other side of the bridge from me, but our reunion had no trouble working out. 

It was a beautiful day out, but it was also -21 degrees in the morning. I sucked it up cause I was so pumped to see that it was snowing! Super foreign, I know. But I haven't seen snow in almost three years!  

I jumped on Megan once she found me. It was surreal seeing her in person after all the Skype calls we had over the past 6 months. 

We walked around Newbury street and shopped around. There were pretty good shoe sales so that's where we spent most of our time... (Psst Steve Madden on Newbury has student discounts and ships to your dorm for free. Major deal.) 

After all the walking, we were in need for some food. Cupcakes, specifically. Georgetown Cupcakes. I almost died when I saw the sign. I used to watch their TLC show religiously, so seeing their signature swirls in person was a dream come true. 

It was a pretty decent cupcake and I would come back whenever I am nearby. But, sadly, Sift Cupcakes back home has spoiled me too much. Very close though! 

It's so like us to have dessert right before dinner. Begrudgingly admitting that we have bought too many things already, we headed to grab some dins down the street. 

Joe's felt like the right choice. 

Aaaand we ordered way too much... Okay, in my defence, I was still completely oblivious to how much American portions are. But, wow did we get extra guac on our nachos.

Having already had cupcakes, we did our best to finish everything on the table. 

We caught up while watching each other stuff ourselves with warm bread and clam chowder. 

It  felt like no time has passed since we last saw each other. The inside-jokes and synced sense of humor played out without any awkward adjusting. I'm so happy to know that she's just a 10 minute Uber away and not a 16 hour plane ride. 

Boston is super beautiful. I've begun to love it more and more as the days pass. Yes, it's freezing cold to the point where I can't feel my ears sometimes, but it really is a cute little city. I could seriously get used to it all. 

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