Sun, Moon, and Star Streets

Over the holidays my friends and I went through the cracks of Wanchai to visit an area of Hong Kong I've never been to before. We left the crowds of businessmen in suits outside Pacific Place III and stepped into a neighborhood made up of streets so different from the rest of the city. 

The area spreads around three main streets behind Wing Fung Street called Sun, Moon and Star. Cozy restaurants, art galleries, and antique stores line each street. Every crevice, stairway, and corner is utilised for some kind of purpose.

We came because of a Christmas event that was going on that afternoon. It was so cute! There were tables lined up outside of shops that sold little Christmas ornaments, candles, and other home goods. 

They even gave out mulled wine and little pastries! Eeek FREE FOOD!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent roaming around vintage record stores and little clothing boutiques. I'm so glad we found this neighbourhood.  It offers a quiet escape from the congested, fast-paced streets that make up Hong Kong.

Definitely will be back!