Tokyo Misc & Info

Just some random and last bits and pieces of my short trip to Japan! Adventures from Harajuku, Loft, Joel Robuchon, and Mark City. Descriptions of each at the bottom! 

Loft Mall: Located five minutes away from my hotel, Tokyu Excel, is the land of everything you need and would want in the world. Seriously. From massage pillows, water-bottle humidifiers to scrapbooks and essential oils, they have it all

Harajuku Street: If you haven't heard of the Harajuku area of Tokyo...where have you been? It is a set of long connected streets that sell everything cutesy and doll-like. They don't just sell fluffy cotton socks and lace tops (yes, I stocked up on both), you can find large Japanese make-up pharmacies and clothing stores that I promise will tend to everyones needs. Definitly worth going if you are visiting! 

Joel Robuchon:  Oh mom and I wanted to have dinner at Robuchon so badly but the tables were fully booked for at least a month! Since this was such a spontaneous trip we couldn't reserve a table beforehand. At least we were able to walk away with some of their dessert. Apparently the Robuchon in Tokyo is the best one, so I seriously feel like I missed out. On top of the food list for next time!

Mark City//

Coldstone, Mark City: For those who have not had Coldstone before, it's heavenly. I'm pretty sure it's an American company but they have stores all across Asia. Unfortunately, Hong Kong doesn't get it's own :(. So, while I was waiting for my mom to bring our shopping bags back to our hotel room, I had to get some just because.

Waffles, Mark City: I've been eyeing these waffles since the day I arrived to Tokyo. It's right next to Coldstone and right next to our hotel. I picked one up on the last day for breakfast (cream+strawberries are always a healthy start to a day) before heading to the airport. 

I'm home and already missing the my Toro sushi. Next time Tokyo! I promise I'll see you very soon.