PMQ: Art & Food

I've been to PMQ multiple times in the past for several different events. This time my visit was unplanned and I ended up walking out completely art-absorbed and full-y satisfied (mhm, my detour consisted of food. Obviously). 

Photo Dec 19, 9 31 53 PM.jpg

I was with two other friends and we wanted to try out Little Bao. I've never been despite the major hype and wanted to try their pork burgers myself. Unfortunately, it was completely full as usual. We had to wait thirty minutes for a table. Powering through our hungriness and the pouring rain, we crossed the road to kill some time at PMQ. 

For those who have not heard of PMQ, it is a former school that is now used for anything related to art, food, fashion and everything in-between. They always host events so watch out for those on their website! Last time I came they were home to 1600 little paper mache Pandas. 

This time of year, it's beautifully decorated for Christmas. Well equipped with lights, small carnival games, and a bicycle merry-go-round powered by... my friend Gillian. 

I'm kidding. Not just her. It needed to be peddled for it to spin though! 

We passed a beautiful grassy garden that was covered in blue lights. I felt like I was in a scene of Avatar or something cause everything was blue. I need those lights in my dorm so I can channel Pandora all semester. 

So after maybe 20 minutes of walking around we were starving. Maybe cause I had a light lunch? ....K probably not. Regardless, we walked into a nice looking burger place we thought would be a good replacement for Little Bao. 

It was pretty yum! Considering the building we were in we thought food would be uber expensive, but the price was very reasonable. The burgers all came with fries and a salad so it was a pretty good deal. 

LOOK AT THAT BEAUTY!!!@#@ Oh my lord. I got the pulled pork burger and it was juicy and tender and the bun was hot and ....umph. 

Then Little Bao called to ask if we still wanted our table. I stared at my burger feeling like I just cheated on a boyfriend. We told them no thank you and that we would head there for dessert instead.

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about their ice-cream sandwich buns. How could a tiny bun be worth $70? After my first bite of their salted caramel bun I understood. It was hot, cold, crunchy, and soft all in one bite. What?! It was extremely yummy. 

Photo taken from  Little Bao  

Photo taken from Little Bao 

It was still raining hard while we ate our dessert. But, despite the weather I was happy with my amazing Little Bao's and even better company.