St. Kilda

Counting down to 6 days left in Australia and I'm back in St. Kilda.

This time, I brought along two of my fellow Hong Kongers. We're all leaving the same week so they understand my need to explore every part of town before I go.

We took the tram (which we rarely do since it's a complicated system to grasp) and headed to the famous St. Kilda!

We bumped into this hidden flower-covered house on the way to the beach. Looked like something straight out of a Disney film. 

It was gorgeous out...and also burning hot. I was lucky I remembered to apply sunscreen on my face before I left the house or I would've been toast.

We wanted to get on some rides in Luna Park but for some reason it was closed for the day. Sad that I probably won't have time to actually go this week!

Disappointed, sweat-drenched, and hungry, we decided it was time for some food. I took them to the restaurant I ate at with my mom during spring break, knowing it was going to be phenomenal. I was so right and this time I remembered to catch the name! 

 The place is called


, and has office chairs for seats. It gets incredibly busy at around 1pm so you should either book in advance or go a little earlier like I did.

 I ordered the Linguini with salmon, leek, spinach and a lemony sauce with olive oil.

My friends had a humongous beef sandwich and a vegetarian lasagne.

Oh and how can I forget the 2 dollar oysters.

Everything smelled and tasted as good as it looks. I'm so glad I got to come back!

Feeling full-y satisfied, we roamed the town and then headed back to the city.

Oh and we what? Ate? Again? Yup.

A sunny day out in Melbs is not complete without some gelato.

My ice-cream eating abilities were put to test when my scoop was dripping every two seconds. The intense Aus heat beats anywhere else and I used more napkins than I needed..

Had a blast today as one usually would when all they do is eat. #noragrets. We returned to the lovely and familiar Glenferrie Road where our dorms are located. A couple more nights in our cozy apartments before we peace out and are back in our own beds in HK.