Farewell Banquet & Max Brenner

First of my last days in Australia spent eating with friends... what's new?

The semester slowly comes to an end with projects due and examinations to be taken in the next couple weeks. How crazy is it that it's almost been 4 months since I've arrived here?!?? I'm swamped with constant self-reminders to study but it's difficult when I know I only have a week left in this city. 

First off, to kick off my last seven days in Melbourne, my program threw an end of the semester banquet. 

I helped set up and it was a cute little get-together with all the 140+ students in the program.


Most of my photos from that night were either too ridiculous or too dark to be leaked on the interwebs so I'll just keep them to myself... 

Alexia and I made a mini Australia bucket list at the beginning of the semester and finally was able to cross another important one off the list.

Max Brenner

. It's a chocolate bar that serves everything and anything chocolate from chocolate pizza's to iced chocolate lattes.

I was going to go for a traditional iced chocolate, but seeing this mint lemonade drink on the menu made me so happy I had to get it.

LOOK AT IT!! It's syrup, mint, lemonade, mixed together to form somewhat of a slushy. It tasted so sweet and so divine.

So, I'm not a big sweet-tooth when it comes to chocolate, but who doesn't love taking a funny date for some fondue!

 I've noticed the difference between marshmallows in Australia to the marshmallows back home or in the US. The packaged ones here always come with pink marshmallows and I'm not too sure I'm into that. They have a slight strawberry taste and is definitely sweeter than the regular marshmallows I like. But whatever, anything dipped in dark or milk chocolate tastes just fine.

Smiley face originally designed and painted by Minnie Chan to mark the success of my last few days in Australia! Lol. But seriously, I've had an amazing couple of days and I can't wait to explore this city for the last couple times.