Holi Color Music Festival

I was dancing, covered head-to-toe in powdered paint.

I went to the

Holi Festival Of Colors

and it was a completely unique experience. Never have I welcomed an abundance of dried paint being thrown on my face or inhaled so much dust until I went to this event.

I bought tickets once the event was announced, which was three months prior. I've been looking forward to this for the longest time! So you can imagine when the event day finally rolled around, I was thoroughly pumped and prepared.

We tatted up, put on our least favorite white shirts, and brought along our 20 dollar sunglasses.

These are from a an Etsy store called


. They were delivered really quickly and stayed on decently well. 

The crowd when my friends and I first arrived was pretty dead. We were definitely iffy about how the rest of the day was going to go. 

We didn't arrive early for the first throw (which I am not too sad about since I would've died in there), so we just threw the packets of color on each other in a somewhat aggressive, no mercy kind of way.

Thankfully, the crowd started to grow, and the atmosphere picked up. As the noise around the stage became increasingly louder, we headed towards the stage which began our afternoon filled with color and good music. 

There was a collective color throw every hour which made me sneeze almost every time. Despite that, it was the coolest thing to see all the colored powder being thrown into the sky all at once. 

I left before sundown because it started to drizzle and it got pretty cold. Leave it up to Melbourne weather to change so drastically in a span of 15 minutes. 

They don't tell you beforehand how long it would take to wash all the colors off your body. I got home and scrubbed in the shower for a solid hour and I still felt chalky afterwards. My scalp is still pink as I type this, and probably will still be when I return home in five days. All of this for one day of crazy color-throwing and dancing...

I'd say it was 100% worth it.