Halloween: Sweating Through The Yarra

Last night I had the hottest Halloween celebration.

It seemed fast, but it was that time of the year again! The one day of the year it is acceptable to wear crazy costumes and spend the night eating all the sweets you can (well, now that we're adults it's less candy and more sugary drinks ;) ).

This time, Halloween was a bit different. Seeing that it is now summer in Australia, it was a blazing 37 degrees the entire day. Instead of having to grab a sweater to shield from the cold, fall wind, we grabbed our caps and short-sleeves. Thank god Alexia and I were lifeguards because we would have died in the heat if we weren't in shorts.

So proud of our ensemble. We had whistles which we blew on all night whenever we saw something hilarious. Or just when we wanted to annoy everyone around us. Queens of obnoxious behaviour. Just kidding, it was all only for laughs and gigs.

Meet my roommates! Our love-hate roomie dynamic keeps our apartment interesting. Would not want to have roomed with any other three. 


These three cuties dressed up as flower children and completely pulled it off. DIY rose shirt and everything.

We went on a Halloween cruise with the rest of our uni program and partied through the Yarra River. The heat was still a major struggle, but the breeze made it much better.

And I got arrested?

 I found Sherlock! Or he found me...? Don't know where Watson was that night though...knowing him he probably didn't show up to the party. Or Sherlock just decided to come without telling him. Hehe.


Isn't my friend gorgeous?

It was my first time seeing the view of the skyline from out in the river. It was gorgeous and I had to juggle my drink and plate of food just to take a quickpic. 

MAN OVERBOARD!!! *blows whistle* 

After a few hours on the boat, a full stomach, and a bit to drink, we returned to the city. 

Pikachu randomly appeared, lost and confused. So we decided it was best to take him with us on a cab to head back to HQ, just to freshen up to prepare for a long night of more dancing.

Here's to a fun night for the lifeguards and these used-to-be white shoes. Although we were not able to save the drowning stuffed bear, it was an all-round good night. I already can't wait for next year when I spend Halloween in Boston!