Sydney II: Bondi Beach

My friends and I decided to stay in Saturday night instead of joining the rest of the program out into the city. We were tired and spent the night laughing at bad photos we took during the day while eating chips and chocolate from the Easymart downstairs.

I woke up early the next morning to meet a friend I know from home that now studies in Sydney. Seeing a familiar face abroad is always the best!

She took me to Devon Cafe, a seemingly hidden brunch spot on Devonshire Street. She said it has recently become more known and is now the place for locals to go. The words brunch + up & coming restaurant got me excited already.

We both ordered the Eggs Blini and it looked like a piece of art. A really delicious, healthy, edible piece of art.

Poached Egg, Smoked Salmon, Veggies on a pancake and topped with basil and ROE!! All my favorite things on one plate. For brunch. I was a really happy girl.

Check this place out! I wish I had more time in Sydney so I could come back for their other dishes. 

We walked around the city and sat down in a random cafe to catch up.

We both had somewhere to be and it sucked saying goodbye. I had a really fun morning with her talking about home and how much we miss Asia. 

I was soon walking along the streets of Sydney alone, trying to figure out where the train station was. I've experienced the feeling I felt when exploring alone multiple times since I came to Australia. Being basically alone in such a large, unfamiliar place may sound pretty freaking stressful, and it was the first couple times, but it feels so freeing now. I felt like I could do whatever I wanted with unlimited options to consider. 

I found the train station, which only required asking a nice lady handing out newspapers, and headed to Bondi Beach to meet up with some of my friends. 

Yes, the famous Bondi Beach where supposedly the hottest guys and gals in Sydney go to get some sun. The views certainly did not disappoint.

We rushed back to the city to catch our flight back to Melbs.

So long beautiful city!

I honestly like the atmosphere in Sydney more than in Melbourne. It reminds me so much of Hong Kong and after almost four months away from home, I am loving any taste of HKSAR I can get. 16 more days in Oz until I return to my Asian food and much loved humidity!