The Great Barrier Reef

I snorkled the Great Barrier Reef and it was spectacular.

It is spring here in Australia and my lovely Mom decided to come visit during my break! I haven't been home in 2 months so to have her visit was like having a piece of home for a week.

We travelled to Cairns with the goal of seeing the Great Barrier Reef, because everyone knows a visit to Australia is not complete without seeing one of the natural wonders of the world.

 I just got a new camera so here are my attempts at camera focusing while selfie-ing. Heh.

I travelled with the company 


, who provided the transport to the viewing platform on the further areas of the Reef. The tour included scuba-diving and snorkelling opportunities. There was also a little submarine you could go on if you didn't want to get into the water to see the coral reef!

I was eager and nervous to get in the water knowing that deadly box jellyfish could be lurking in those depths. I geared up in protective gear that shielded me from jellyfish stingers and ended up looking like a female agent from a James Bond movie. With my flippers and snorkel equipment in hand, I was SO ready.

The water was FREEZING but I slowly forgot about it when I was preoccupied by everything that was going on underwater.

And here was my lunch on the platform after a tiring trek through the waters...

It was absolutely breathtaking seeing the extent of life underwater. It is easy to forget how complex life in sea is when we are constantly on shore. There is no doubt I will be back to see this marine park in the's just the question of when ;)