Fashion Week

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the third night of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week last night.


The show started at 8:30, but doors opened at 8 for whoever wanted to have their photos taken.


Alexia and I found our seats while balancing our champagne flutes and got ready for our first fashion week experience.

There was a live cultural performance before every walk which set the tone of the following runway. There was a violist, multiple drummers, and a singer whom graced us with all their musical talents.

It was a very different experience from any other fashion events I have been to. It was a vastly cultural show and consisted of a line-up of designers who wildly diverse in styles. From the mens-wear brand Calibre, which featured tailored pants and shirts, to the brand Thurley, which showed off a more feminine and gentle side of fashion.

The show ended at around 10 and we exited the venue and into the cold Melbourne air. We were still buzzing from the atmosphere inside (or maybe buzzing from the drinks) and was skipping down the streets of the city.

And of course, the only perfect way to end a night of fashion week was to order a large fries each while waiting for the train home.