Spring Break Bites & Randoms

I'm sort of crazy when it comes to photos (especially photos of food). I don't think my Facebook friends would appreciate 100 photos of my meals so...here they are! This is my collection of random photos I took during my spring break.

Award-winning M Yogo on the pier. 


NuNu Restaurant at Alamanda Palm Cove

Cairns was a very relaxing place to go to take my mind off my uni life in Melbourne. It is a very quiet town that seems to only have one busy street in the area. If you are looking for a vacation spot to soak up sun while partying the night away, Cairns is not ideal for you. Gold Coast would be more fitting ;)

I do enjoy the hustle and bustle of a city like Gold Coast, but in order to get to the Great Barrier Reef, we had to stay somewhere close. We stayed in the 

Pullman Casino Hotel

, which was mostly empty. Coincidentally the G6 Business Summit was held during the same week we were there, so the hotel was at least somewhat alive from all the businessmen in suits.

We returned to Melbourne after 5 days so I could show my mom around the city I have been living in for the past months.

Lazy night (of many) in at the

Westin Hotel

10/10 would recommend 

Grossi Florentino

. My mom and I received the best service we have experienced in a long time. It reminded us of service from a five star resort in Thailand. The food was cooked perfectly and came without a long wait. Ahh I can't get over what an amazing dinner it was. The waiter who served us laughed when we stumbled out of the restaurant still holding our stomachs. 


, a pizzeria on Glenferrie next to my dorms. Convenient and 100x better than Pizza Hut across the street. 

 Had dinner with Alexia at

Japanese Tapenyaki Inn

with the parentals! 

Random Vietnamese Restaurant in Richmond. The soup in the Pho I ordered was super rich. Wish I remembered the name of the restaurant!

Restaurant along St.Kilda Street

I had a really fun week with mommy. She caught me up on funny stories of home and I filled her in on my school life. Travelling with her is always a blast. Maybe because with her I only have the best food. Heh. x