Melbourne Day

Today is Melbourne's 179th birthday! I woke up feeling great and the weather was finally on my side. Alexia and I were down for a big brunch to kickstart our day of sightseeing in the city.

We decided on a cool restaurant down the road called Axil.

Again, I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the food in my area. I ordered Chocolate Waffles with peanut butter parfait, banana and candied popcorn. It was sweet, crunchy, and utterly delicious. I inhaled it all way too fast.

Alexia got toast with smashed avocado  with mint, lemon, and parsley. I was able to smell the greens from across the table!

I also tried a Mango and Passionfruit Lassi which I didn't quite like. It was too thick and grainy for my taste. But, other than that, brunch was a-ok. The decor and atmosphere made me excited to eat. Alexia and I have already talked about eating there again.

After brunch I changed out of my sweater to head into the city. There were events throughout the day at Federation Square to celebrate Melbourne Day.


There was free cotton candy sponsored by the Royal Agriculture Show! I am going to be volunteering at the show so seeing their stand today made me eager for the date to come sooner.


The concerts ended and we walked towards the Royal Botanical Gardens to take a peek at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. I'm going to


and the

Holi Festival of Colours

, so I wanted to see what the venue looked like.


I love it! It was an open venue; nothing I've ever seen before.  I snuck on stage for some cheeky posing.

Our long walk around the gardens made me a very happy girl. It was so warm and sunny that I think I may have even gotten a slight tan!


Today was a really wonderful day. Happy birthday Melbourne, you've been good x