Off To The Shore!

Whenever I think of Australia I think of endless sun and long sandy beaches. After more than three weeks in Melbourne and not seeing the ocean even once, some girls and I decided to change that. Being used to seeing the ocean almost every week back home, I was craving the smell of the sea. The weather was much warmer yesterday which lifted our spirits and got us excited for the beach! We decided to visit Brighton Beach as it is closest to us and is famous for their colorful, painted huts.

After a merely 45 minutes journey by train, we finally saw glimpses of the Pacific Ocean.


There are two sides of Brighton Beach. The side closest to the train station is quieter and has sand that is much courser. We strolled along the ocean towards the other side of the beach which is where the bath boxes (huts) are located. 


There was an adorable puppy called Luna who kept running to us throughout the afternoon. We were all happy to give her a cuddle. Don't worry, Luna is owned and has her own collar. 


We sat on the sand and talked about the experience we've had in this country so far. It is crazy that it has almost been an entire month since we got here. I have grown to love what this city has to offer and I haven't even seen much of it yet.