AFL Game

Australian rules football is a big thing in this country and I was lucky enough to catch one of the games!

There are usually two games every weekend and you can always spot families in AFL (Australian Football League) gear sporting their favorite team colors on the train every Sunday. It was my turn this week to barrack (Australian slang for 'cheer') for Melbourne!

Conveniently, the stadium was a short train ride away from our dorms.


The stadium is in one of the more artsy and older areas of Melbourne, so the walk to the stadium was accompanied with cool graffiti that line all the walls.


We had our red warrior stripes on and were ready for the Melbourne team to win!


Unfortunately, our team did not win the game. We decided to treat ourselves to some lovely crêpes to ease the disappointment. 


I ordered the lemon and sugar crêpe. They are fool-proof and always so delicious.

I found it really cute that there were so many families playing football on the small grass area outside the stadium.

It felt awesome witnessing what typical Australian families do on the weekend. The children were adorable too! 

I hope I manage to get tickets to watch the AFL finals which are in mid-September. Today was a pretty fun day. Fingers crossed for decently priced tickets!