Spring Break Check-in: Rejection sucks

Four weeks ago, I decided to use my last spring break as an excuse to talk to as many entrepreneurs and businesswomen that inspired me as I could. I wanted to hear their stories, and hopefully share them with girls who, like me, are beginning to really think about the careers they want to lead. 

I declared my personal project on all of my social media accounts last week. 

And I'm here to say that... 


It's hard as hellll trying to get people who are at the top to reply to someone like me — someone who is still learning.

I've reached out to lots of amazing people ranging from the lovely founder of the Museum of Ice cream, Maryellis Bunn, to the creator of my favorite podcast, No Limits, Rebecca Jarvis. 

But, 20+ emails later... no responses. 


Ahhh! This was worse than the cold-email sale rejections I got from my last job. 

I thought... "now what?"

Was I being stupid, and should've booked the Caribbean cruise trip weeks ago? Probably. My self esteem would still be intact. 

BUT, I forced myself to remain positive. 

I went to my Entrepreneurship professor for advice. He didn't think twice and referred me to an incredible lady, Jane Moyer, who is the VP of Human Resources at Northeastern. 

I met with her before the weekend, and she is so kind and wise. I wish for more conversations like I had with her. Her story of how she got to where she is now is incredible! 

With Jane's advice in mind, I looked at my empty inbox again. 

Was I failing? 

I thought I was! I wanted to get responses and have my whole break lined up with interviews, but that didn't happen.

I realized though, from talking to Jane and other mentors, that the end of Spring Break doesn't have to be a deadline. Spring Break can serve as the beginning of something very cool. 

So, that's what I've been telling myself. 

I'm not failing, I'm beginning. 

And I'm excciiiiited. 

It helped me remember that: 

Sometimes we're too hard on ourselves. We need to remember to chill the hell out and take things as they come, because most of the time we're not as far behind as we think. 

Anyways, hope everyone is having a great week!!