Spring Breakerz: Startup Island Style

I've always been someone with an adventurous spirit. Maybe not the adventures that involve strenuous physical activity, risking safety, or 400 feet roller coasters, but the kind that involves the unknown and teaches something new about yourself. Not saying those other adventures don't do that as well, because I'm sure jumping out of an airplane would really stimulate some intense self reflection, but I'm just not the type...for now. 

I love creating, making, and trying new things, but focus has always been an issue. I have so many interests and I find trouble narrowing down the ones that I truly have a passion for. This entrepreneurs trip to Costa Rica helped me find my direction, and most importantly allowed me to meet so many other like-minded individuals. 

It was a week filled with great conversations, workshops under the sun, and exploring Costa Rica. 

The toughest part was bringing the energy and momentum from the week back to my daily routine in Boston. It's been difficult, but whenever I think of the lessons learned that week, I am more eager to keep grinding.   

The photos in the slideshow were all taken by the lovely and most talented, Maya Rafie!

Startup Island is for anyone searching for direction or purpose, or if you just want to have an incredible time with incredible people.

I've been on a lot of organized trips, but this was truly something else. The people I met are all going to do big things, and I can't wait to see what they get up to!