Flannel Top- SOLD

Flannel Top- SOLD



  • USD: $15
  • Original Price: $360 HKD
  • Brand: Abercrombie & Fitch 
  • Quality: Worn not more than 5 times, still looks quite new
  • Size: M

Why I Bought It
Okay, honestly? I don't think I have to explain this one. No matter where you decide to buy it, a good quality flannel will always be a wardrobe necessity. Being someone who has major FOMO with clothes, I went a little overboard in this department. Love this flannel, but it's time to let it go considering the fact that I have three other red flannels hanging in my closet. Whoops... 

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Payment and pick up will be in person (I actually get to meet you!)
Pickups will be in either Hong Kong or Boston 
If you're not in any of these areas, but are still interested contact me anyways. We might be able to figure it out ;) 

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