Denim Button Up Skirt - SOLD

Denim Button Up Skirt - SOLD



  • USD: $25 
  • Original Price: $370 HKD
  • Brand: ASOS
  • Size: S, UK 8 
  • Quality: Never worn, tag still on (I have something else just like it) 

Why I Bought It
In the first month of summer this year I searched far and wide for a nice denim skirt. Denim skirts have snuck it's way back in the wardrobes of some of my favorite bloggers, so before everyone was sporting them on the streets I needed to get one fast. I searched Topshop, Zara, H&M, Forever21, Gap and everything in between and I could not find a single denim skirt. 
That was why I headed to ASOS for this cute little one. But, while waiting it to ship over to Hong Kong (which always takes longer than I would like), guess what Topshop decided to include in it's new collection? Yup, denim skirts. I was impatient (and a bit impulsive) so I copped myself a pair. That left this adorable ASOS skirt on the side of my closet ever since it arrived at my door.

Someone take this baby in. And if you don't have a denim skirt by now, where in the world have you been? 

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Payment and pick up will be in person (I actually get to meet you!) 
Pickups will be in either Hong Kong or Boston 
If you're not in any of these areas, but are still interested contact me anyways. We might be able to figure it out ;) 

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