Brain Food_05

Beep beep beep - paging summertime: I’ve missed you.

A lot has happened since the last Brain Food. I moved to Los Angeles alone, started my first full time job at an amazing company, and I just moved into my first big girl apartment. Understandably, all this moving around and change has made me a total mess - but, I’m dealing with it all the best I can. I hope you all are well! It’s been a while.

In the midst of feeling incredibly lost and alone this week, a coworker reached out and let me know how much she enjoyed browsing this blog of mine. Her reaction reminded me why I loved writing and sharing in the first place. So, because of her (you rock, Rebecca), I’m sitting down for some me-time and compiling this month’s Brain Food.



required viewing for every adult

Brene Brown: the Call to courage

I watched this twice, and I plan on watching it again… aaand again. Whenever I feel like I’m second guessing myself, or stuck in a funk (like the last three months) — this will be my call to action. You might recognize Brene from her TED talk that went viral back in 2011. She is an expert on the science of vulnerability, shame, and courage. In more relatable terms, she gives you the knowledge to get off your butt and go do something about the things you want to change in your life.

She’s a hilarious and natural speaker. I LOL-ed, cried, and paused to jot down notes all within the 1-hour-and-15-minute special. Get dinner ready, sit down, and put this on. I promise you won’t regret it.


"I’m going to be brave with my life.

I’m going to show up.

I’m going to take chances,

and if you’re brave with your life,

if you choose to live in the arena,

you’re going to get your ass kicked.

You’re going to fall, you’re going to fail,

you’re going to know heartbreak.”


being a good person wins every time

Kristen Bell: USC School of Dramatic Arts 2019 commencement speech

I’m a total dork fan of Kristen and her husband Dax Shepard. I don’t particularly watch their shows and movies, but I’m a fan of them as people. The way Kristen chooses to live her life is aligned with how I try to live mine, and she serves as a star example that nice guys don’t necessarily finish last. She highlights the importance of kindness, and the fact that happiness comes in forms where you least expect it.


"When you listen as fiercely as you want to be heard,

when you respect the idea that you are sharing the earth with other humans,

and when you lead with your nice foot forward,

you will win, every time."


learn from a woman in her golden years

Jane fonda in five acts

To be completely honest, all I knew about Jane Fonda was from her role on Grace & Frankie (which I am binging currently), and her famous workout videos. It follows Jane’s life from before she became a renowned actress and model, and continues throughout the multiple stages in her life. It’s raw and honest — like all documentaries should be. Jane narrates the film herself, and it felt like I was just chatting with a close relative. She talks about her activism (she flew to Hanoi in the middle of the Vietnam war and caused a national outburst), her heartbreaks and past partners, and how she came into her own skin. I find the best content on plane rides, and this HBO documentary caught my eye last time I flew long-haul. I’m so glad I clicked to watch, because now I have been introduced to another magnificent human being.

She’s graceful, wise, and an absolute, total badass.


"When you reside within your own skin, you can feel it.

You’re holding all of you—

your anger, your kindness, your judgemental-ness."


South australia

taken by Brooke @worldwanderlust



will smith shares his wisdom

how i taught my brother-in-law to make a movie

If you aren’t already familiar, I am obsessed with the Smith family. I’m obsessed with them because of their grit and the absolute devotion they have for self development. Anyone following them can learn something from them. If you want to tap into some of his wisdom, this video is a good introduction to Will’s outlook on success, and how he mentored his brother-in-law to achieve his dreams.

"The only way you could be of value or an asset

to anybody else is that you have to build you.

You have the power."



taken by Alex @alexbeckett_


From one millennial to another,