End of A Chapter

Here we go! Another chapter of my life has come to an end.


I have officially graduated from college, and about to embark on another journey filled with unknowns and obstacles. As you can hopefully tell by now if you’ve read my blog, one of the things I do in my free time— all the time— is reflect on myself and the experiences I have gone through. I’m a big reflector and it gets annoying. So, bear with me as I take in and regurgitate my thoughts on my last four and a half years.

First thing that comes to mind, and will always be highlighted, is my absolute gratitude for the good and the bad that has shaped me to become the me today. I have been blessed with the most kind and inspiring people entering my life. Whether they have remained or have left on their own paths, I am grateful for every one of the individuals who have impacted my life. Things may or may not happen for a reason, but I strongly believe every person that you cross paths with teaches you something profound.


Without sounding immodest, I also feel extremely proud of how much I have grown and how my experiences have shaped my values and way I see the world. I love life and I love living it, as difficult and impossible some moments may seem. I have never felt more passionate about embracing life and doing my best to be a good human being in this world. This again is due to the wonderful humans who have supported me and pushed me to understand and accept who I am.


another thing— I’m moving to the West Coast!

Some people have called me crazy for doing so, having seemingly no plan, but that is honestly what excites me the most. Friends have asked if I was scared or nervous to move to a brand new city on my own; I’m really really not. My gut instinct is to dive in and figure it out while I’m treading water, because that’s when I’ll make decisions that are most authentic to me.


My time in Boston ended with the most difficult decision and heartbreak. I’m so thankful for the stability that allowed me to grow in my long term relationship the past two and half years. To leave what was comfortable in order to discover myself and explore the world and my emotions was not a resolution I took lightly. All there is to do now is to be patient and let time heal.

Life takes wild turns and loops without much precursor, and I guess that’s what makes it interesting. Here’s to the beginning of another wild chapter— I know it will be an eventful one!