BVI V: The Baths

Our last night at the Bitter End Yacht Club was a bit out of the ordinary. We found three cockroaches in our room which seriously freaked us out. There was no way we were sleeping in there which resulted in Ashley and I spending the night next to the beach. 

It was a hilarious and frustrating night (cause cockroaches lingering on our beds was not ideal), that ended in us falling asleep next to the water and under a sky of shooting stars.

We got up nice and early (way before everyone else), and filled ourselves with breakfast to prepare for our long day of boating. The guys came to meet us a while after the waffles were gone. 

Thanks to google and a handy friend (thanks Sawyer!), I was made aware of a beautiful attraction in the BVI called The Baths. It's a national park that consists of huge boulders and rocks stacked together next to a secluded beach. The photos I saw online looked almost majestic, and I made sure we were visiting this place before we left. 

We got off close to the shores of the beach and hopped off the boat. With our wallets held above our heads and electronics in a waterproof bag, we swam the remaining distance. 

Can we just take a second to marvel at how my face managed to get so dark? LOOK AT IT! It's two shades darker than the rest of my body! 

Meet our full crew! Minus Matthew's head. 

I regretted not taking my flip flops with me while exploring the caves cause the rocks were boiling hot. My feet are weirdly sensitive so I was running around like a weirdo most of the time. 

My jaw dropped in awe when I took my first peek at this.  

Thomas the cave dweller.  LOL I'm dying as I'm typing this cause these photos are just too funny.

This place is definitely worth the visit if you're in BVI! 

Tsk tsk, Rexy always causing problems.

After taking a few photos...

and a photobombed group picture,

We continued our barefoot hike up to where we were going to have lunch. 

Some of us were a bit more adventurous with this hike than others...but we both managed to get to the same destination — The Top Of The Baths Restaurant

I didn't take any photos at the restaurant since I was charging my camera throughout lunch! But, check out the restaurant's website to see the gorgeous view we had during our meal. 

The food was average. Nothing too special, but the lookout and souvenir shops were a major plus. Ashley bought a super cute cap on the way down. 

It was time to get on the boat for our final destination! A local bar for some afternoon sangria. 

I've been trying to search the entire web universe for the name of the bar we went to for these amazing sangrias, but I can't seem to find it! I have the worst memory like I've said a couple times before, and I don't think the sangrias helped me remember either. Sorry!

All in all it was a super packed, but really fun day. By the end I was another shade darker and another day closer to the people on the trip with us...

both old friends and new.