BVI VI: Cane Garden Bay

Having lived at the Bitter End Yacht Resort for the majority of our stay and spending our late nights amongst visitors almost twice our age, we were quite pleased with a change of scene. 

We moved our suitcases via speedboat of course, as one usually does. How else? 

We were back in Tortola!

We took our move-in day to chill and explore the area around our  hotel. 

This is the infamous Bomba's Surfside Shack who apparently sold shroom shakes? 

After several sketchy taxi rides and a walk down a mountain later, we stumbled across a strip of bars and restaurants right on the beach. The area is called Cane Garden Bay, and I am so glad we found it. 

The strip was perfect and even more so since we arrived right when happy hour began! 

We went kayaking, paddle-boarding and dipped for a swim  as the sun started to descend. 

As night fell our stomachs informed us of our apparent hunger. We were really really hungry. 

It seemed the bar we were residing didn't have much food to serve, so they guided us to the best grilled restaurant behind them.

It was SO. GOOD. I'm not sure if it was one of the times where anything tasted good because of intense hunger, but let me tell you, I can still taste the baby back ribs and chicken I had that night. 

Stomachs full and hearing music from the Paradise Club Sports Bar and Grille next door, we had our next destination set. 

The rest of the night was a blur of dancing, talking to strangers who were travelling just like us, and befriending the bartender and owner of the bar. 

The events of that hilarious and unusual night will forever be one of my favorite stories to tell.

The second snap was taken at around 3 am when mostly everyone else had gone home. To sum it all up: the man with the cap, Matt, is the owner of the place telling our Matthew, "one day I hope to see you on the battlefield, cause that's all that matters," and then you can see Kush behind the bar with the bartender. Yes. Kush managed to somehow get behind the bar earlier that night and proceeded to serve customers for hours, scoring us many rounds of complimentary drinks. 

Good huh? The rest of the dirty details would have to be found out through me in person. Hehe. 

The girl in the far left is a stranger. I forgot her name, but she's from Australia and she's super cool. 

And that's a goodnight from Ashley and the cutest stray dog who found us on the beach! We're not actually sure if he was a stray cause we were informed that strays were not allowed to roam this area. We hope he has a proper home!