BVI III: Spanish Town

Ever since we got off the port on North Sound, we were told by our various tour guides and staff at the resort that Spanish Town was somewhere we had to visit. We assumed that it must be the central of all the islands. How could we miss out? 

The crew was complete! All our friends safety arrived in the islands.

So, the afternoon after an evening of drinking and late night swimming...

...we decided to visit the well talked about Spanish Town. 

Obviously excited about what Spanish Town had to offer, we jumped on a ferry taxi and headed towards the other island. 

Poor Thomas wasn't feeling the waves too much that day. 

We arrived at the other island and the real dilemmas began to emerge. 

There were zero taxis. At least there were no taxi's to be found at the carpark just outside of the dock. Stranded for around five minutes, the idea of hitchhiking popped into some of our heads. Aaaand it left a second after because we knew better...obviously. Heh. But, nothing stopped us when we saw a driver with a tuk-tuk! At least it looked like one of the tuk-tuk's that are all over Thailand. Thankful that he was willing to take us for a decent price, nine of us squeezed in and we were off to what we imagined was a busy, lively, tourist central! 

With our portable speakers blasting music, and the winding roads up and down the mountains, it was a pretty exhilarating drive. 

The views from up-top were also incredible. 

The driver dropped us off at what looked like an outdoor shopping plaza. This was where multiple people suggested us to go. 

We walked through the plaza and there was barely anyone there. We saw maybe a total of six people in the entire place, and half of them were there for construction. Uhh....what? Where were the cool bars (to be fair, there was a chill-looking bar at the plaza, but it was empty) and most importantly: where were the people? 

Feeling determined to find a place for a nice drink after travelling this far, we searched the small town by foot. 

After a while of walking we had no clue where we were. Absolutely no idea. But, the lighting was great. So while the other guys tried to figure it out, we took some photos. 

Hahaha this is Kush. He looks angry in a lot of these photos, but I swear he's the nicest guy you'll ever meet. 

Eventually, we found ourselves at CocoMaya, a lounge/bar/restaurant kind of thing.

Oddly ten times more modern looking than it's surroundings, we made ourselves comfortable next to the beach. We relaxed with rounds of their Ameretto Sour's and Lychee cocktails. 

Rex was digging the vibes.

It was a really nice establishment, and for once we were glad it wasn't buzzing with people. 

Don't be alarmed! She was only sad that our yummy cocktails were finished! Also that we had to get up soon to search for some local food.

We were so relaxed on these beach pillows we refused to get up until we got too hungry. 

Cause look at this beautiful beach we were on! 

CocoMaya was incredibly nice and I'm sure their dinner would've been as fab as their drinks, but since we were in the Carribean (which is a very rare occasion), we wanted to try some local island dishes. 

We walked through some random streets once again and found a small restaurant on the side of the road. A bit sketchy, I know. Trust me, my stomach is super sensitive. But, this one looked good!

Classic that they didn't even have a menu (guaranteed local stuff right here), they wrote it down just for us. I'm sorry I don't have the name of the restaurant because I honestly don't think they had a sign. I really wish I asked though because their BBQ ribs were just mouthwatering. 

We tried plantain, which is basically cooked bananas. Not a huge fan of cooked fruit, but when in BVI right?

If you aren't into trying a local restaurant, we passed The Rock which looked really cool as well. If you're looking to visit Spanish Town be sure to look up that place.  

The day ended with full bellies, another tuk-tuk ride to the pier, and an hour of waiting for the ferry (or any ferry for the matter) to pick us up to get back to our hotel. 

Spanish Town was definitely not what we expected. It's pretty raw compared to the island our resort was on. But, if you know which bars and restaurants to check out, an afternoon there is definitely do-able.