BVI II: Bitter End Yacht Resort

We arrived to the Bitter End Yacht Resort in North Sound when the sun had already set, and the ocean was just sounds of crashing waves in the darkness. I knew we were going to get a treat in the morning when the brightness revealed the water and the views that surrounded our treehouse bungalow. 

I was so right. 

The clear and blue waters stretched far around the island, meeting the beaches that were just staircases away from our doorstep. 

Our goal was to unwind any travel anxiety we had left from the journey to these islands, and clear the post-exam stress some of still had from school. 

Today could be described with just three activities; eating, drinking, and swimming. 

P.S. You'll come to discover that these activities were the essence of the entire trip...not just the first couple days. A fantastic way to follow our first year of college, huh?

The first of all Strawberry Daiquiri's consumed throughout the week. This is the OG. This exquisite, meticulously made (probably not), perfection of a drink was key to every meal at the Bitter End. 

I mean, I don't know why they would include "Bitter End" into the name of this resort. The nature that circles it would certainly cause no bitterness in my mood. 

We did begin to notice, however, that the people roaming this part of the island were mostly older couples or families. The occasional anomaly that seemed our age were always with his or her parents. Hmm...we found this pretty amusing.  

^ The best partner in crime for our Caribbean takeover. 

And what happens when you just finished swimming and have already ate and drank a couple hours ago? 

Well, hang on tight! Cause you proceed to do it all over again. 

4pm snack with...wait what is that? A what? 

Mhmmm. A strawberry daiquiri. 

Our 6th out of our 9-people crew arrived to the island to join us! 

Meet George. Or a name that suits him better judging by these photos—Georgina. 

Three other friends were also stuck from flight delays, so here we were just passing time till we could all be together the next day. 

I am aware of the crappy quality of my underwater camera on the last of these photos. My nose is still scrunched from cringing at how pixelated they are. Eep! 

Our first full day at the Bitter End went very well. I can't wait to show you all the rest of our days there!