Pier 39

The first time I was at Pier 39 I remember taking photos next to the water, consuming large amounts of clam chowder, and being overwhelmed with the crowds of tourists. This time was not so different. Well, maybe scratch the clam chowder bit. Heh, I think we had enough of that in Boston. 

Milan Sai and I arrived at one of the most touristy places of San Francisco, and the first thing we did on the sunny day was get a drink and eat. 

Craving some good old fries and nachos, we ended up at Wipeout

With full bellies and a slight buzz, we headed out to the pier. 

It seemed exactly like it was when I visited 4 years ago. Although, it was much less exciting. I already knew to expect to be flooded with rows of tourist shops and energetic street-performers that lined the pier. 

It's always cool to return to somewhere you visited long ago since the experience is always going to be slightly different to what you would expect. 

Later that night, after exploring the large range of shops in Westfield Mall, we walked right into MY China. Completely oblivious to the fact that it is the restaurant opened by famous chef Martin Yan, we weren't anticipating much. 

But wow was it a pleasant surprise when we tasted our first dishes. 

Our soups were really good! Milan Sai got the sweet and sour soup while I went for some wontons. Setting the standard early on, MY China did not fail us when our next dishes came out. 

Um...YUM?!!! The fried rice tasted like it came straight out of a Din Tai Fung chain restaurant. Super good. 

What was hilarious though, was when music randomly started playing in the middle of our meal. With a strand of green bean still in my mouth, I watched as a chef from the back came out whilst pulling some noodles. Like, what? 

We laughed and Snapchatted the weirdness, then continued with our yummy Chinese meal.