A Moroccan Dinner In Berlin

After another five hour drive from Cologne, we were in the city of Berlin! We arrived quite late, which gave us a tiny bit of time to settle into our Air B&B and find a spot for dinner. 

Luckily, we were living on a street that was lined with bars and nice-looking restaurants. Right below us was Maghreb. It was a very well decorated restaurant that gave off strong Moroccan, North African vibes.  

How pretty is the decor!

The menu had me so excited. I peeked at what the people sitting outside were having and it all looked delicious and very authentic. 

I ordered a bitter lemon thinking I'd like it since I tend to like anything that resembles lemonade, but I really didn't like the taste of this. 

There was only one server tending to all the tables, which made the wait for food and a bit slow. She was incredibly sweet and made sure we had everything we needed despite having to run around everywhere. 

All was well once our food started to arrive!

The fennel and apple salad tasted so raw and refreshing.

Our main courses looked (and tasted) intense. We learned that tagine is a dish named after the pot it is cooked in.

It's a kind of stew made from different kinds of vegetables and meats. 

The meat was tender for all of us and it was really yummy. The side of couscous was a nice addition as well. 

Larry and my mom were defeated by their tagine dish, so of course I was the only one up for dessert.

A sugar-topped, creamy orange blossom creme brule just for me. I'm kidding, I shared. Come on.