Stopping in Belgium for Tin Tin

My brother has been reading Tin Tin comics as far back as I can remember. I would constantly tease him about it just to get him annoyed and flustered, but little did he know I've always admired the simple illustrations in the comics as well. 
We had the opportunity to make a pit stop at the Hergé museum in Belgium to see the Tin Tin comic collections and Hergé's other work. 

Larry was beaming on the drive from Paris and as you can see, he was well-prepared for the visit. 

They didn't allow cameras into the exhibit so I had to sneak...

It was a really nice museum. We had an hour and a half before closing time and it was just the right amount of time to check out all the illustrations. 

We jumped back into the car and continued to our next destination; Cologne, Germany. 

Those I've been on road trips with know that I love sleeping in the car. Something about the vibrations and the warm temperature makes me so comfortable. I was snuggled up in the backseat and passed out for almost the entire ride until we arrived in front of a huge cathedral.  

I used a wide angle clip-on lens for these. It's exactly like an olloclip, but I got them for around $20 HKD. Super cool and the set comes with three different lenses! 

Being quite hungry having been on the road for hours, we chose a place to eat nearby. My mom wanted some traditional German bratswurst (sausages), and we found the perfect place. 

We had no clue what we were reading even with the english captions, so we had the chef give us whatever he recommended. 

The cabbage and potatoes were so incredibly flavourful I wish I could have that dish every single day. Really simple ingredients, but SO good. The sausages were also crazy long, but we managed to finish all of it.

Major claps for this restaurant! We were the only ones there when we sat down, but don't let crowds deceive you. The place filled up right after our food came. I'm convinced it was because they caught a glimpse of our meal while walking by. 

We got the check and not even five minutes after leaving the restaurant I wanted food. 

Well, I just wanted these jam-filled donuts called Berlingers because why not? Six hour car rides make me hungry.