Seasons by Oliver Elzer

I've been home for a couple weeks and all I've been doing is eating, watching movies, and sleeping. Mom took me and some friends to Seasons by Oliver Elzer. The famous Robuchon chef has ventured off and opened his own restaurant! I was stoked to try it since the raves from my mom (who had already been three times) made sure this dinner would not disappoint.

The restaurant is located in the new restaurant building not far from Times Square. The same one that houses Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Italian.

We sat for some drinks at the bar outside before going in for our meal.

I had a fresh berry mix with lime cider. Super fresh and the perfect amount of lime.


We were seated and the food soon started making its way to our table. 

Grilled tuna and avocado. 


This was my favorite. Alaska king crab, avocado and ginger mayonnaise. Alotta avocado love went around that night. 

Incredible duck foie gras that literally melted in my mouth. 

Scallops with walnut sauce.

Creamy chestnut soup (Chestnut velouté) with bacon sprinkled on top. I thought I tasted mushrooms but it was all creamed chestnut! 

After the appetizers came the long awaited main dish. We had to wait 45 minutes for this chicken since it had to be slow-cooked. My mom could not have hyped it up enough.

Mashed potatoes on the side, of course!

...And as usual her taste buds were on point. The meat was so tender while it's skin was crunchy and super flavourful. 

We finished our mains slowly while still making space for what was coming up next. Dessert was a must. We chose the soufflé and the Moelleux au chocolate (aka a fancy name for Moulton Lava Cake). 

aaand I may or may not have regretted helping to clear the Lava Cake. I couldn't turn down the vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate pairing... 

Dins was amazing. We thanked the chef himself on the way out and went on a walk to see the Christmas lights (and honestly to crank up that metabolism). 

All those pretty lights got me wishing Christmas to come sooner! Can't wait for Christmas carols and unlimited amounts of candy canes. x