Dog Walking In Repulse

I strolled along one of my favorite places with my dogs on Saturday.

The south side of Hong Kong has always been a special place for me. Although I've never lived on that side of the island, I was there everyday for school for almost 14 years. It's an escape from the city and with just a 25 minute ride from where I live, my mom decided to drive us (my cousin and aunt) and the dogs for a walk along the bay. 

She took us to a trail along Deep Water Bay that connects to Repulse. Lucky for me, the weather has been extremely nice since I got back. It's been sunny and warm and is always accompanied by a constant breeze. Perfect Hong Kong fall weather. 

"wait for meeeee!"


My cute little cousin on my aunt. 

Spotted a sneaky little promposal. 


 Look at them! They literally stick to each other. All the other dogs were so intrigued. 


It was an incredible day out woofing around with my dogs and was a great way to start my winter break.