Sleeveless Chiffon Tank - SOLD

Sleeveless Chiffon Tank - SOLD



  • USD: $6
  • Original Price: $120  HKD
  • Brand: Cotton On
  • Quality: Worn around 5 times 
  • Size: S 

Why I Bought It
I'm not too sure why I'm giving this away because it's some of the best quality Cotton On shirts I have, but here it is. Trust me when I say the chiffon material on this makes it look like something from Giordano Ladies. So good for work and breezy enough for casual wear. 

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Payment and pick up will be in person (I actually get to meet you!) 
Pickups will be in either Hong Kong or Boston 
If you're not in any of these areas, but are still interested contact me anyways. We might be able to figure it out ;) 

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